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Toronado is Zorro's horse.  His name is derived from the Spanish word 'Tornado.'  Toronado is a black stallion who rides like the wind and is unquestionably the fastest horse in all of California.  He was captured as a wild horse and trained by Zorro.  Toronado is a well-behaved and gentle horse around Zorro, but he becomes a wild, angry horse around Zorro's enemies.
Zorro riding Toronado #1 Toronado is considered to be an extremely smart horse, practically as smart as a person.  He seems to be able to read Zorro's mind and is able to

Zorro riding Toronado #2

follow commands conveyed to him through eye signals and slight gestures.  Toronado has instictively saved Zorro's life on numerous occasions.

Toronado rearing while Zorro salutes

From the episode "The Legend Begins". . .
After Diego and Felipe capture a wild stallion, they take the horse to the secret cave.
Legend Begins - Diego and Felipe try to think of a name for Toronado "You think he senses the task ahead?  Wants to be part of it?  What do you think we should call him?"

Felipe begins gesturing.

Legend Begins - Diego watches as Felipe begins to gesture.
Legend Begins - Felipe indicates swirling winds. "He does run like the wind, doesn't he?. . .He appears out of nowhere like a sudden storm. . .Toronado.  We should call him Toronado.  Very good, Felipe!  Toronado.  What do you think of your new name, boy?  I think he likes it." Diego likes the name Toronado.

While being pursued by soldiers, Zorro is thrown from Toronado, hits his head, and lies unconscious at the bottom of a ravine.
Legend Begins - Toronado works to distract the soldiers. To distract the soldiers from finding Zorro, Toronado bites through the rope that holds the soldiers' horses to set them free. Legend Begins - Toronado approaches the soldiers' horses.
Legend Begins - Toronado bites through the ropes. Toronado then neighs and rears which spooks the other horses and attracts the soldiers' attention.  The other horses gallop away.  The soldiers must return to the cuartel for more horses which gives Zorro time to get away. Legend Begins - Toronado rears to spook the other horses.

From the episode "The Sure Thing". . .

Victoria stands up.  "You don't have the fastest horse in California, you know."

Señor Herrera smirks, "Really?  Well, then who does, señorita?"

"Victoria smiles.  "Zorro."

The Sure Thing - Diego, Macias, Victoria, and Mendoza #1
The Sure Thing - Diego, Macias, Victoria, and Mendoza #2 "Ah, yes.  The legendary fox of the night.  We have heard of him in Monterrey, too."

Victoria continues, "He has an incredible horse named Toronado."

The Sure Thing - Herrera and Victoria
The Sure Thing - Mendoza Sgt. Mendoza adds, "Nearly as smart as a man."

Victoria looks at Mendoza.   "Ah!  And smarter than some!"

The Sure Thing - Victoria

From the episode "Child's Play". . .
Child's Play - Miguel guards Toronado. Zorro discovers that a young boy has been caring for Toronado.

"Toronado, I understand.  You didn't have the heart to leave him."

Child's Play - Zorro greets Toronado.

From the episode "Conundrum". . .
Resendo captures Zorro's horse and uses the horse to bait Zorro.
Conundrum - De Soto complains about Toronado. "Emissary.  That infernal horse is about to destroy the entire cuartel."

"That infernal horse will help me to capture Zorro."

Conundrum - Toronado won't keep still.
Conundrum - Toronado continues to cause problems for the soldiers. "Don Alejandro, if Zorro doesn't come quick for Toronado, there's not going to be anything left of the armory!"

Don Alejandro nods in agreement.

Sgt. Mendoza and Don Alejandro discuss Toronado.

From the episode "The Fox and the Rabbit". . .
Fox and Rabbit - Zorro and Toronado "That's truly an impressive horse you have there.  It's too bad that you won't be able to ride him again." Fox and Rabbit - El Conejo #1
Fox and Rabbit - El Conejo #2 Zorro nods to Toronado.  The horse rears and kicks El Conejo in the back, knocking him down.  Zorro scuffles with El Conejo and subdues him. Fox and Rabbit - Zorro #1
Fox and Rabbit - Toronado #1 "There are some unhappy taxpayers in Los Angeles who would like to take a look in the saddlebags of that stolen horse, amigo." Fox and Rabbit - Zorro #2
Fox and Rabbit - El Conejo and Zorro #1 "Half of it is yours.  You can't turn me in!"

"I don't think Toronado would have it any other way!"  Zorro glances at Toronado.

Fox and Rabbit - El Conejo and Zorro #2
Fox and Rabbit - Toronado #2 The horse shakes his head and neighs.

"You know, I don't think he likes you."

Fox and Rabbit - El Conejo and Zorro #3

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Zorro on Toronado
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Zorro on Toronado
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