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Alcalde Luís Ramón

Luís Ramón is a ruthless Alcalde whose ambition is to further his political career and societal status, thereby gaining his father's approval.  Ramón's father always favored his brothers and never paid any attention to him.
Michael Tylo as Luis Ramon #1 Ramón tries to advance his political career by resorting to radical tactics of oppression in hopes of winning a transfer to a better garrison.  Ramón tries to further his societal status by acquiring large quantities of land.  He resorts to unscrupulous techniques to obtain the land such as stealing money to buy the land or levying huge taxes that the poor cannot pay so that he can confiscate their property.  He has also used the pueblo funds to buy luxuries for himself such as fancy boots and an expensive bathtub. Michael Tylo as Luis Ramon #2
Alcalde Luis Ramon #1 Ramón is never shown to feel guilty for his many misdeeds, and he never admits to doing anything wrong.  The only reason he ever abandons any of his nefarious schemes is because Zorro forces

Alcalde Luis Ramon #3

him to abandon his schemes.  Ramón knows that he must do as Zorro says or else Zorro will do something terrible to him.  Ramone lives in hope that someday he can capture or kill Zorro.

Alcalde Luis Ramon #2

From the episode "The Legend Begins". . .
Legend - Mendoza and Ramon Sgt. Mendoza arrives in a wagon carrying several men.  "Able-bodied men are making themselves scarce, mi alcalde.  Perhaps they've heard about your plan." Legend - Luis Ramon #1
Don Alejandro and Victoria walk up.  "Señorita Escalante tells me your soldiers are dragging men from their homes."

"Does she now?  These men have been recruited by the territorial government."

Legend - Don Alejandro and Victoria #1
Legend - Don Alejandro and Victoria #2 "As slave labor.  Don Alejandro, it's inhuman," Victoria appeals to Don Alejandro.

"I would hardly characterize my efforts to improve the lot of this pueblo as inhuman.   Besides, these men are in need of meaningful work."

Legend - Don Alejandro "What kind of work?" asks Don Alejandro.

"Construction of the Ramón Highway.  It will provide us with a direct link to the Port of San Pedro."

Legend - Don Alejandro and Victoria #3 "The Ramón Highway?" questions Victoria.

"What better way to commemorate my years of public service."

Legend - Ramon #2
Legend - Victoria #2 "With forced labor?" asks Don Alejandro.

"Progress does not come without some sacrifices, Don Alejandro."

Legend - Ramon #3

Later, in the Alcalde's office, the farmers are being forced to pay unjustly high taxes.

"Alcalde, aren't you being a little rough on them?"

Legend - Collecting taxes in the alcalde's office
Legend - Sgt. Mendoza #1 "Rough.  I'll tell you what rough is.  Rough is growing up in the shadow of two older brothers who are not only so well-educated and living in Mexico City, but they still have the respect of my father." Legend - Ramon #4
Legend - Sgt. Mendoza #2 "I didn't know you were the baby of the family."
Legend - Ramon #5 "Yes, that's right.  Hand-me-downs, broken toys, fighting for attention.  When I'm through here, I'll not only own most of the land, but all the money that's in it.  That will not only get their attention, but their respect as well." Legend - Ramon #6

From the episode "Water". . .

The soldiers surround the plaza's water supply. Ramón addresses the crowd, "In a desert country like this, water is liquid gold.

Water - The soldiers take control. "Yet some of you have been using this precious asset extravagantly.  I hearby decree a state of emergency for the duration of this drought.  One bucket of water per person per week." Water - Ramon appears.
Water - Ramon makes a speech. Diego speaks up.  "That is ridiculous.  Now you know that's inadequate.  What about the farmers?" Water - Diego disapproves.
Water - Felipe and Victoria are angry. "Fortunately, your Alcalde has come up with a solution to their problem.  You may buy water in excess of the regulations at the rate of 2 pesos per bucket, 10 pesos per barrel." Water - Ramon finishes his speech.
Water - Diego and Victoria protest. Victoria protests, "Pay for the water?  Why should we?"

"The alternatives are simple, my dear.  You pay. . .or you die."

Water - Ramon gives them no alternative.

Later, the Alcalde punishes Sgt. Mendoza by making him stand out in the hot sun for hours.  Diego brings Sgt. Mendoza a glass of water.
Water - Don Diego and Sgt. Mendoza #1 "Mendoza!  Put that water down!  So, de la Vega, now you're interfering with the running of my garrison!" Water - Don Diego and Sgt. Mendoza #2
Water - Don Diego, Sgt. Mendoza, and Ramon "Not at all, Alcalde.  Sergeant, don't worry.  Soon, you'll have all the relief you need." Water - Diego #1
Water - Diego #2 "I gave orders that there will be no relief for Mendoza."

"But even your orders may be countermanded by a higher authority."

Water - Diego #3
Water - Ramon and Mendoza #1 "There is no higher authority!  I am the Alcalde!  I am the supreme authority!"

Suddenly, lightning flashes and is accompanied by a crack of thunder and the onset of a torrential downpour.  Ramón looks intensely annoyed.

Water - Ramon and Mendoza #2
Water - Ramon and Mendoza #3 "Almost, Alcalde, but not quite that supreme," Diego says to himself as he walks away. Water - Diego #4

From the episode "Zorro's Other Woman". . .
Unfortunately, Ramón never goes out of his way to help anybody else unless he himself will receive something in return.
Woman - Ramon #1 Sgt. Mendoza walks up to Ramón.  "The Russians, mi alcalde.  They have taken refuge in the mission.  Their leader, Rubikof, says that bandits stole a wagon and a baby." Woman - Sgt. Mendoza #1
Woman - Ramon #2 "Russians," states the Alcalde with contempt.  "If we're not careful, they'll take all of California.  If the good padre has seen to their needs, then this is of no concern to me." Woman - The Russians
Woman - Sgt. Mendoza #2 "But mi alcalde, they are offering a 500 peso reward for the return of the baby."

"Reward, you say," Ramón clears his throat and suddenly looks interested.

Woman - Ramon #3
Woman - Ramon #4 "Well, then as Alcalde, perhaps I should offer my condolences to these courageous travelers."  Ramón smiles and approaches the Russians. Woman - Ramon #5

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