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New World Zorro - Complete Index of Guest Stars

The spelling of each character's name has been taken from the closed captioning whenever possible.  Some information is still incomplete due to the difficulty of matching each guest star's name to a character for episodes in which there were a number of guest stars.  A question mark will appear on entries in which the character name is unknown or in which the information has not been verified.
Albur, Kevin Charlie Harper "The Challenge"
Alford, Thomas Sergio "Symbol of Hope"
Al Levi, Nur Young Felipe "The Legend Begins"
Alvarez, Santiago Chato "One Special Night"
Andre the Giant Nestor Vargas "Big Brother"
André, Benita Margarita Demadera "The Best Man"
Arias, Maria Reyes Señora Maria Valverde
(Young) Inez Resendo
"Rush to Judgement"
"The Arrival"
Ayala, Vincente bandit "Mendoza the Malevolent"
Bacala, Donna Mercedes Sanchez Villero "A Love Remembered"
Barrymore, Deborah Amanda Herrera "The Tease"
Bateson, Timothy

Padre Benites
     "            "
     "            "
     "            "
     "            "
"A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"
"A New Lease on Love"
"Symbol of Hope"
"Death and Taxes"
Batista, Lloyd Ricardo Cortez "Dead Men Tell No Tales"
Baxter, Linsey Rosalinda de la Fuente "The Devil's Fortress"
Benfield, John Imposter priest "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"
Bennett, Rosalind Señora Francisca de la Pena "Deceptive Heart"
Benzakein, Simon ? Señor Alfonse Escalante "The Devil's Fortress"
Birch, Peter horse thief "My Word Is My Bond"
Bissonette, Patrice ? Porthos "One For All"
Bosso, Jorge Corporal "The Legend Begins"
Boudy, Joseph Miguel "Child's Play"
Brook, Irena Zefira "The Old Flame"
Brooke, Faith

Inez Resendo
   "          "
"The Discovery"
Brophy, Kevin Gregorio Segovia "Heir Apparent"
Bullock, George ? "Alejandro Rides Again"
Burgos, Nicoline Amanda Washdea "Ultimate Justice"
Cano, Gasper Figueroa "Master and Pupil"
Carballo, Tabare

Corporal Sepulveda
       "                "
       "                "
       "                "
       "                "
       "                "
       "                "
       "                "
"The New Broom"
"Rush to Judgement"
"The Buccaneers"
"A New Beginning"
"Dirty Tricks"
"Mendoza the Malevolent"
"Silk Purses and Sow's Ears"
"Ultimate Justice"
Caron, Sandrine ? Simone Dupres "One For All"
Carreño, Ignacio Zorro imposter "Double Entendre"
Carter, Jim Colonel Mefisto Palomarez
Colonel Mefisto Palomarez
"A Deal with the Devil"
"Palomarez Returns"
Case, Robert Don Carlos "Broken Heart, Broken Mask"
Catala, Paco

"The Marked Man"
"The Old Flame"
"One Special Night"
Chagrin, Nicolas Pablo Saragosa "Siege"
Cid, Jose Conde ? Ramirez "Deceptive Heart"
Civita, Diane Myatana "The Unhappy Medium"
Clay, Nicholas ? Vicomte Jussac "One For All"
Collins, Gene

Fernando Esteban's brother
"Dirty Tricks"
"Like Father, Like Son"
Cotton, Oliver Don Emilio Alonzo "The Fox and the Rabbit"
Coyle, James pirate "The Buccaneers"
Craig, Daniel

Lieutenant Julian Hildalgo
        "            "
"The Arrival"
"Death and Taxes"
Crampton, Gerry ? soldier "The Devil's Fortress"
Crowdy, Mark Juan Ortiz "A New Lease on Love"
Culver, Michael Honorio Aragon "The Whistling Bandit"
Cunill, Gonzalo bandit "Armed and Dangerous"
Davis, Warwick Don Alfonso "The Jewelled Sword"
De Grandy, Miguel Bernardo de la Paz "To Be a Man"
Diamond, Jeff soldier "A New Beginning"
Diamond, Peter

bandit (uncredited)
Sir Edmund Kendall
        "        "
"The Legend Begins"
"Master and Pupil"
Dobtcheff, Vernon Andres Bulanos "The Whistling Bandit"
Donna, Hector Caballero "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"
Drury, Patrick ? "The Reward"
Escribano, Jose Maria Gomez Dimitrias "The Jewelled Sword"
Estes, Rob Monty Monan "Armed and Dangerous"
Estevez, Carmen

woman from coach
"A New Lease on Love"
"One For All" Part 1
Estevez, Ramon ? Ramon Escalante "The Devil's Fortress"
Faulkner, James Antonio Sanchez "A Love Remembered"
Feier, Pascal Rafael de la Vega "The Best Man"
Fish Daniel Nielson "The Newcomers"
Glentoran, John Jorge Cruzero "The Man Who Cried Wolf"
Goodman, Henry Don Jose Alphonso Infante Escanto "Turning the Tables"
Graas, John Christian

  "  "
"The Buccaneers"
"A New Beginning"
Grief, Stephen Torres "Ghost Story"
Guest, Nicholas Foucard "The Magician"
Guiness, Peter bandit leader "An Affair to Remember"
Haden, Oliver Grey Wing "The Chase"
Haje, Khrystyne Annie "They Call Her Annie"
Hallam, John Captain Dominguez "Silk Purses and Sow's Ears"
Hartley, Steven ? Miguel Martinez "The Don's Dilemma"
Hickling, Liz Señora Alberta Sinestra "A Woman Scorned"
Hilyer, Louis Señor Jerrera "The Sure Thing"
Horan, James

Gilberto Resendo
      "              "
      "              "
      "              "
"The Arrival"
"Death and Taxes"
"The Discovery"
Hoy, Robert ? "Alejandro Rides Again"
Humphreys, Chris Sir Miles Thackery "He Who Lives by the Sword"
Innes, George

The Falcon
"Zorro's Other Woman"
"The Falcon"
Isbert, Tony

"The Unhappy Medium"
"The Tease"
John, Maxine Esther Nielson "The Newcomers"
Kane, Jayson Don Diaz "Freedom of the Press"
Katz, Omri Jack Adams "The Man Who Cried Wolf"
Kay, Bernard ? "Alejandro Rides Again"
Lazzeri, Martino Carlos de la Paz "To Be a Man"
Leaf, Richard Reymaldo "One Special Night"
Levian, Lauren Magdalena Turon "Sanctuary"
Levine, Jason ? Don Pedro's henchman "Child's Play"
Lindner, Emilio Ricardo Quintana
      "             "
"The Unhappy Medium"
"An Explosive Situation"
Lissek, Leon Don Fernando "It's a Wonderful Zorro"
Logan, Gerard Francisco Escalante "Family Business"
Lorenzo, Luis

"The Legend Begins"
"An Explosive Situation"
"He Who Lives by the Sword"
Losada, Pedro bandit "The Bounty Hunters"
Lucas, Tony Brad Harper "The Challenge"
Malikyan, Kevork ? Athos "One For All"
Maluendo, Luis Don Fernando Solea "The Fox and the Rabbit"
Marcelino, Mario ? "The Reward"
Marrocco, Rudy Enrique Vargas "Big Brother"
Marshall-Gardiner, Jessica Laura "The Devil's Fortress"
Martinez, Antonio ? Miguel's brother "The Don's Dilemma"
Martinez, Benito

José Maceas
    "          "
"My Word Is My Bond"
"The Sure Thing"
McKaige, Andrew D'Artagnan "One For All"
McClure, Doug Joshua Barnes "The Challenge"
McRae, Hilton ? "The Reward"
Melendez, Tonyo Private Pedro Sanchez "The Tease"
Michaud, Sophie Contesse Amalie "One For All"
Miles, Ben

José Rivas
   "        "
"Freedom of the Press"
"Rush to Judgement"
Moreno, Carlos bandit "To Be a Man"
Morgan, Garfield Deputy Governor Frescas "The Don's Dilemma"
Nicoli, Vincenzo Jorge Santiago "Mendoza the Malevolent"
Nieto, Ivan Gonzalez Aaron(?) Nielson "The Newcomers"
Nordell, Philip Vincente Torres "To Be a Man"
O'Connell, Maurice

Don Emilio
Don Emilio
Señor Bickle
"A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"
"Ghost Story"
"Palomarez Returns"
Oh, Soon-Teck Hiroshi "Test of Faith"
Owens, Albert bandit "The Word"
Pack, Roger Lloyd Correo "The Marked Man"
Patterson, Lee ? "Alejandro Rides Again"
Pearson, Fred Señor Jones "Miracle of the Pueblo"
Pelka, Valentine Leonardo Montez "All That Glitters"
Peralta, Cesar A.

Señor Peralta
     "         "
     "         "
     "         "
     "         "
"The Legend Begins"
"Broken Heart, Broken Mask"
"It's a Wonderful Zorro"
"The Newcomers"
"Death and Taxes"
Piper, Roddy

Will Adams
"Broken Heart, Broken Mask"
"The Man Who Cried Wolf"
Postlethwaite, Peter Correo's accomplice "The Marked Man"
Prinz, Isabel

Señorita Rosita
Elena de la Vega
"Zorro's Other Woman"
"The Arrival"
Rand, Corey ? "The Old Flame"
Reid, Tim Lorenzo Lozano "Wicked, Wicked Zorro"
Richards, Terry Sanchéz "Kidnapped"
Ross, Antonio Reyes "The Falcon"
Rowlands, Patsy Señora Jones "Miracle of the Pueblo"
Russell, Clive Captain Henry Stark "Kidnapped"
Sanchez, Jacobo bandit "Armed and Dangerous"
Sandoval, Javier Rodero "Wicked, Wicked Zorro"
Sansom, Noel ? Miguel's grandfather "Child's Play"
Schofield, David Joaquin Correna "The Old Flame"
Scola, Pablo Zeth Harper "The Challenge"
Scott, Dougray Don Pedro De Soto "Child's Play"
Scurfield, Matthew ? Señor de la Fuente "The Devil's Fortress"
Slowe, Georgia Keenona "Rites of Passage"
Spendlove, Rob Alicio Turon "Sanctuary"
Stafford, Phillip Tapiador "Master and Pupil"
Steadman, Tony Fernando Esteban "Like Father, Like Son"
Taylor, Benedict ? Picotin "One For All"
Taylor, Philip Sebastian Moreno "Whereabouts"
Terry, Nigel Jorge Ventura "A Woman Scorned"
Thomas, Damien Don Xavier Miguel Francisco Quiroga "The New Broom"
Thomas, Philip Michael Jack Holton "Pride of the Pueblo"
Tylo, Hunter Señora Yolanda Derenoso "Family Business"
Vaughan, Dennis

Doctor Hernandez
      "             "
      "             "
"The Legend Begins"
"Honor Thy Father"
"Broken Heart, Broken Mask"
Ventura, Jesse Jim Jarrett "The Buccaneers"
"A New Beginning"
Viret, Maria Jose Arcadia "The Jewelled Sword"
Wallace, Julie T. Hermalinda Ramone "The Whistling Bandit"
West, Adam Dr. Henry Wayne "The Wizard"
White, Les

man with pitchfork
"One For All" Part 2
"The Buccaneers"
White, Jason

Horse dealer
"Freedom of the Press"
"Blind Man's Bluff"
Woodruff, Rod Black Feather "Rites of Passage"
Yepes, Jose ? Gomez "Deceptive Heart
Yñiguez, Richard

Casey Hawks
Angry Eyes
"The Bounty Hunters"
"Turning the Tables"
"Ultimate Justice"

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