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Diego de la Vega

Diego de la Vega is a wealthy man who opposes tyranny and oppression.  He may not be poor, but he understands the plight of the poor.  Since he cannot openly oppose the government, he works in disguise as Zorro.
Duncan Regehr as Zorro Diego believes that justice is above the law and does not hestitate to break the law when breaking the law will serve the cause of justice.  Since

Zorro on Toronado

he must break the law as Zorro, it is imperative that no one can ever guess his secret.  Diego must live two completely separate lives:  one as Zorro and one as Diego.

Duncan Regehr as Don Diego
Diego makes certain that his personality bears no resemblance to Zorro.  He is soft-spoken, has impeccable manners, never takes any risks, and would never break the law.  He is clumsy with a sword and never shows an interest in women.  He loves to read, write poetry, play the piano, and conduct scientific experiments.  Diego rarely breaks out of his usual pattern of avoiding trouble.  Interestingly enough, those few instances usually involve Victoria Escalante.
From the episode "He Who Lives by the Sword" . . .
Sir Miles Thackery

Thackery grabs Victoria.

Thackery gets in Diego's face.

"Now get me a decent meal or you will get a taste of this!"  Thackery points to his boot.

"Get it yourself!" snaps Victoria.

"Nobody, not even a pretty señorita, talks to me like that,"  Thackery grabs Victoria.

"Take your hands off her!" commands Diego with a seldom heard force in his voice.

"I do believe you are looking for a fight, señor."

"Anytime, anywhere," responds Diego.

"Shall we say ten minutes from now, in the plaza?"

Thackery points to his boot.

Don Diego and Felipe are appalled.

Don Diego accepts the challenge.

Patrice Martinez as Victoria Escalante. Diego is secretly in love with Victoria, but no one is aware of this fact.  He is envious of Zorro's relationship with Victoria which seems strange

Don Diego holding Victoria

when one considers that he is in fact Zorro.  However, Victoria does not know that Diego is Zorro, so from Diego's point of view, she is actually in love with another man.

Zorro and Victoria
Diego's greatest fear is that Victoria will not want him when she realizes that he is Zorro.  He worries that, in Victoria's eyes, he will not compare to Zorro.  After all, Zorro is outspoken, aggressive, brave, and mysterious.  He is afraid that that Victoria will see him as none of those things.  Compounding the problem is the fact that she has always regarded him as a brother and has never shown any romantic interest in him.
From the episode "Love Potion Number Nine" . . .
 Love Potion - Don Alejandro "Oh, there you are, Diego.  The rumors are true.   Victoria and De Soto, they are madly in love with each other.  They just sit there in the tavern gazing at each other.  Actually, it's quite nauseating.  Well, you've been like a brother to her.  Think of some way to help her.  She's looking like a fool." Love Potion - Diego
From the episode "An Affair to Remember". . .
Affair to Remember - Victoria and Zorro. Victoria is knocked unconscious while Zorro and Victoria are being pursued by bandits.  Zorro is forced to take Victoria to his secret cave to protect her.
Affair to Remember - Victoria #1

Affair to Remember - Zorro #1

"Who are you, Zorro?  Don't I have the right to know the man behind the mask?"

"The man behind this mask is . . . the man behind this mask is afraid of only one thing in this world.  That you love a hero with whom he can not possibly compete.  That if this mask were removed, you would still be in love with Zorro and not with a man of flesh and blood . . ."

Affair to Remember -  Victoria #2

Affair to Remember - Zorro #2

Diego's fear that Victoria will not want him only intensifies due to her unsatisfactory answers whenever Diego mentions Zorro or whenever Zorro mentions Diego.

From the episode "The New Broom" . . .
New Broom - Diego #1 "Perhaps Zorro will finally keep his promise to you."

"I know he will."

New Broom - Victoria #1
New Broom - Diego #2 "And will you still love him once he's no longer the dashing hero in a mask but just an ordinary fellow...like me?"

"Diego, Zorro could never be ordinary, even without his mask."

New Broom - Victoria #2

From the episode "The Unhappy Medium" . . .
Unhappy Medium - Zorro and Victoria #1

Unhappy Medium - Zorro and Victoria #3

"Once again, I have you to thank for my life, señorita."

"Don Diego has more to be grateful for.  He would have been no match for Ricardo."

"I take it you have no regard for Don Diego."

"He's not unattractive, but..."

"But what, señorita?"

"There is another."

Unhappy Medium - Zorro and Victoria #2

Unhappy Medium - Zorro and Victoria #4

Diego has done a splendid job of deceiving everyone into thinking that he is helpless and a bit of a coward.  For the most part, he doesn't care what people think.  However, Diego does care about how his father views him.  He knows that his father is often disappointed in his actions and sees him as an inept, spineless weakling.  Diego wishes his father knew the truth and knows that his father would be proud of him, but he must keep his secret from his father in order to protect him.

From the episode "Miracle of the Pueblo" . . .
Miracle - Diego #1 While hanging Christmas decorations, Diego's ladder is jolted and begins to fall.  After quickly considering how to react, he lets out a yell and falls to the floor.  Victoria and Don Alejandro look exasperated. Miracle - Diego #2
Miracle - Alejandro "El Zorro would have landed nimbly on his feet," Diego comments sheepishly.

"You're hardly Zorro, my son."

Miracle - Victoria
Miracle - Diego on floor #1 Victoria asks, "Did you hurt anything?"

"Just my dignity."

Miracle - Diego on floor #2

From the episode "It's a Wonderful Zorro" . . .
Wonderful - Felipe and Diego Diego has a cold and isn't feeling well.  His father just berated him for not going to the plaza to protest the Alcalde's unjust punishment of a pueblo citizen.  The whole situation has left Diego feeling very frustrated. Wonderful - Diego #1
Wonderful - Diego #2 "Isn't it ironic?  I'm trapped by this brilliant illusion I've created.  I'm no longer respected by the very people I've sworn to protect . . . Oh, yes, Zorro is respected, but who am I?  Diego de la Vega or the fox, phantom of the night, snatching a few fleeting moments with the woman I love. Wonderful - Diego #3
Wonderful - Diego #4 "If she'd heard me speak today, it would have been a simple matter to conclude that Zorro and I are one and the same.  But then, Zorro would never catch a cold!  Zorro is indestructable!" Wonderful - Diego #5

Diego is by nature a very sensitive person.  Diego's sensitivity is both his greatest strength and his greatest weakness.   His sensitivity is what drives him to fight injustice as Zorro, but it also puts him at a disadvantage as it is very difficult for him to kill another man, even if it is justified.

From the episode "The Discovery" . . .
Discovery - Resendo Resendo taunts Diego, "Go ahead, kill me.  You can't do it.  You don't have the courage."

"Murder is a coward's solution."

"Do you really believe that?" Resendo laughs.

Discovery - Diego

From the episode "Siege" . . .
Siege - Saragosa "You think you're such a hero.  Well, you're going to die!"  Saragosa lunges at Zorro. Siege - Zorro and Saragosa #1
Siege - Zorro and Saragosa #2 "The only heroes here are the very people you seek to destroy," Zorro compliments his words with punches. Siege - Zorro #1
Siege - Zorro and Saragosa #3 "The farmers, the shopkeepers, the mothers and fathers who keep their families together through the face of any adversity.  They are the true heroes in this world, and they are what dooms men like you to failure!"
Siege - Alejandro and Victoria
After one last punch, Zorro approaches Victoria.   "Señorita."

"I knew you would come.  Behind you!" Victoria warns Zorro.

Siege - Zorro and Victoria
Siege - Zorro, Victoria, and Alejandro Saragosa tries to stab Zorro, and Zorro punches him.  Saragosa falls to the ground.

Don Alejandro goes to Saragosa.  "He's dead.  Fell on his own dagger."

 Siege - Alejandro and Saragosa
Siege - Zorro #2 Zorro looks somber.  "That didn't have to happen."

"You didn't have a choice," Victoria tells Zorro.

Siege - Victoria #1
Siege - Zorro #3
"We always have a choice, señorita, and I for one choose life."

Later, Saragosa's body is carried off on a wagon.

 Siege - wagon #1
 Siege - Diego #1 "Where are they taking him?"   Diego looks concerned.

"Pauper's cemetery, unmarked grave," replies De Soto.

"But where's the padre?" asks Diego.

Siege - De Soto #1
Siege - Diego #2 "I hardly thought that was necessary."

"But someone should say something.  Read some words or something."  Diego looks distressed.

Siege - Diego #3
Siege - Alejandro #1 Don Alejandro states, "Saragosa's death is not a great loss, Diego."

"You brought me up to believe that the death of any man diminishes us all."

Siege - Diego #4
Siege - De Soto #2 "I know that, son, but he was a murderer."

"But he was also a man."

Siege - Alejandro #2
Siege - Victoria #2 De Soto looks puzzled.  "I don't quite understand your concern, Diego.  After all, it was Zorro who killed him."

"We should all say a prayer for Zorro, as well," responds Diego.

Siege - De Soto #3
They all begin to walk after the wagon which carries the body.  De Soto pauses with a questioning look on his face and then follows them. Siege - wagon #2

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