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Felipe is a young mute boy who lives with Don Alejandro and Don Diego at the de la Vega hacienda.  Felipe is an orphan; both of his parents were killed by an explosion during a military battle.  Felipe received a blow to the neck from the debris caused by the explosion.  This blow to the neck as well as the psychological shock from the loss of his parents are the probable causes of Felipe losing the ability to speak.
Duncan Regehr as Zorro and Juan Diego Botto as Felipe Felipe has pretended for many years to be not only mute but deaf as well.  Diego is the only person

Felipe #1

who knows Felipe's secret.  Likewise, Felipe is the only person who knows Diego's secret:  that Diego is Zorro.

Felipe #2

Felipe #3
From the episode "The Legend Begins". . .
Legend Begins - Diego and Felipe #1 "Felipe, you heard that.  Felipe, look at me.  You can hear, can't you?  That's wonderful!"  Diego embraces Felipe. Legend Begins - Diego and Felipe #2
Legend Begins - Diego and Felipe #3 "Why didn't you let us know?  Because of my father. . .Felipe, my father would never treat you differently if he knew that you could hear.  He loves you.  We all do." Legend Begins - Diego and Felipe #4

From the episode "The Word". . .
The Word - Diego #1 "I know you want to see the world, whether you have the power of speech or not. . .If you leave Los Angeles, there's certainly no reason why you have to keep on pretending you can't hear. . . The Word - Felipe #1
The Word - Diego #2 "Felipe, your complete comprehension of speech makes me certain that you once did speak.  I believe that given enough time you can speak again. . .in spite of what you went though.  The battle was so one-sided. The Word - Felipe #2
The Word - Battle #1 "The rebels didn't have a chance against the troops.  It was confusing.   There were soldiers everywhere, explosions.  Your mother and father protected you, and they loved you, put themselves in harm's way. The Word - Battle #2
The Word - Young Felipe "No sacrifice was too great. . .Suddenly, they were gone, and you were alone.  I know it was terrible.  But if you let go of the past, I know you can speak again." The Word - Felipe #3
Felipe and Diego are very close and completely understand each other.  Felipe is a great help to Diego.  He makes certain that Zorro's things are nearby whenever Diego must appear as Zorro.  He also helps create diversions when Zorro must appear so that it is easier for Zorro to escape. Don Diego and Felipe

From the episode "Family Business". . .
When Felipe leaves with the woman he believes to be his mother, he gives Diego a farewell letter.
Family Business - Diego is heartbroken You gave me a home when I had none.  Love when I thought I was lost.  I shall never forget you.  Give my regards to Z. Family Business - Felipe's letter

From the episode "The Arrival". . .
Arrival - Felipe prepares to shoot. Felipe covers Zorro as Zorro is making his escape from the pueblo.  The Emissary's men are aiming at Zorro and are about to shoot him.  Felipe is hiding nearby with a gun.
Arrival - Felipe fires the gun. Felipe shoots at their helmets to prevent them from hitting Zorro.  This incident is one of many showing how invaluable Felipe is to Zorro. Arrival - Felipe hits the helmet of a guard.

From the episode "Kidnapped". . .

"You were magnificient, Felipe."

Felipe shakes his head in disagreement.

Kidnapped - Diego "Well, now you're being too modest.  You did exactly what needed to be done, not too many men would have been so daring.  I shall never refer to you as a boy again." Kidnapped - Felipe

From the episode "One Special Night". . .
While Diego is away, Felipe overhears a plot to rob the Alcalde.

"The Alcalde went to Monterrey and left his Sergeant in charge.  We picked the perfect time to rob them blind."

One Special Night - Felipe overhears a plot. "When do we do it?"


Felipe knows that since Diego is away and cannot appear as Zorro, he must do something.

One Special Night - The bandits plot to rob the alcalde.
One Special Night - Felipe dresses as Zorro. Felipe decides to appear as Zorro.  He dons the disguise, which is much too large for him, and then tries to mount Toronado.  The horse knows that he isn't Zorro and doesn't let Felipe mount. One Special Night - Toronado won't let Felipe mount.
One Special Night - Felipe listens to find out if the robbery has occured. Felipe goes back to the plaza and spends the night outside the Alcalde's office, listening to what the bandits are doing. One Special Night - Sgt. Mendoza reveals the combination to the safe.
One Special Night - Felipe grabs the stolen money. When morning comes, Felipe decides to get the stolen money away from the bandits as they leave the pueblo.  He waits on a horse just outside the pueblo.  As the bandits ride out of the pueblo, Felipe grabs the money and rides off with the bandits chasing him.  Felipe is showing great courage, but he now needs Zorro's help.
One Special Night - Diego reads Felipe's note. Fortunately, Diego arrives back at the hacienda and finds a note which Felipe left for him in the cave.  As Zorro, he catches up with the bandits and Felipe, and saves Felipe from the bandits. One Special Night - Zorro rescues Felipe.

From the episode "Rites of Passage". . .
Felipe falls in love with a young Indian girl.  He and she are outside the hacienda when someone shoots a spear at them.

"This spear carries the markings of Black Feather.

"He must have seen me outside.  My father promised me to him when I was just a child.  If you do not accept this challenge, on the dawn of the full moon, he will kill you!"
Felipe is dumbfounded and wonders if there is another solution.

"No, there is no other way.  For Black Feather, there is only the field of honor at Big Rock, or death."

Diego teaches Felipe what he knows about spear fighting.  Felipe learns quickly and feels ready to face Black Feather.  Through great determination, Felipe is able to defeat Black Feather.

From the episode "The Word". . .
Felipe has decided that when he grows up, he would like to fight injustice.  To accomplish his goal, he wants to become a lawyer.

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