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Duncan Regehr

Duncan Regehr posing as Zorro Duncan Regehr stars as the legendary swashbuckling hero of romantic old California in New World Television's "Zorro" set to debut on The Family Channel in January 1990.  Regehr, who combines dashing good looks, powerful physical presence, and athletic capabilities, possesses the very qualities necessary to essay one of popular cultures most famous characters.  He brings his distinctive style and personality to the classic mold set by such previous Zorros as Douglas Fairbanks, Tyrone Power, and the late Guy Williams.
"Zorro is so much fun to play.  It's truly a childhood fantasy come true," says Regehr.  "An amazing coincidence has happened in my life that I've had the opportunity to portray Errol Flynn and Zorro, two characters, one real and one fictional, that helped to define our image of the swashbuckling hero in movies." Duncan Regehr as Don Diego and Henry Darrow as Don Alejandro
Few actors have come to the role of Zorro as prepared as Regehr who is a native of Canada and has had a variety of starring roles in television and films.  The actor portrayed the legendary screen hero Errol Flynn in the CBS mini-series "My Wicked Wicked Ways" and brings a wide mixture of classical stage training from the contemporary to the Shakespearean, having tenure at the renowned Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Ontario.
Duncan Regehr as Zorro posing with sword The emphasis is on action in the new series and Regehr who possesses strong athletic capabilities, does most of his own stunt work and on screen fencing.  The actor, who once was an Olympic boxing contender and a champion figure skater, is under the tutelage of veteran stunt coordinator and fencing master Peter Diamond.

"Duncan has a natural grace for fencing," said "Zorro" stunt manager Peter Diamond, whose credits include "The Princess Bride."  Regehr and Diamond will attempt to break the world's record - 258 moves in one take - in "Zorro."

All of the first year order of 22 half hour episodes of "Zorro" are filmed entirely on location in Spain and the ambiance suits Regehr.  " 'Zorro' takes place in old Spanish California and being in Spain with its people, traditions and culture adds a little something extra to what we as actors bring to our characters," remarks the actor. Duncan Regehr posing as Don Diego
Don Diego standing next to his horse Born in Alberta, Canada, on October 5, 1952, Regehr is descended from English/Russian parents who were immigrants to that country.  Duncan was raised in British Columbia and began figure skating at the age of five with hopes of becoming a professional skater.   He always harbored a desire to become an actor and at the age of 14, hosted a teenage talk show on cable television in his home town.  He attended the Bastion Theatre School, Vancouver's equivalent of Juliard, spending two years studying voice, movement, acting, and fencing as well as a strong base in academic pursuits.

Regehr's performing career began in earnest when he undertook several years of acting and studies in Canadian Regional Theatres, moving on to the Ontario Shakespeare Festival where he performed in many of the classics as well as in Broadway fare.

It was between 1976 and 1980 that Regehr trained and competed as a serious contender for a spot on Canada's Olympic Boxing team but his acting career began to thrive and drew him away from the ring.  He was cast in a number of Canadian Films and starred in the Canadian Television series "Matt and Jenny" before coming to Hollywood in 1981.
Regehr starred in the CBS series "Wizards and Warriors" and was most recently seen in the role of Pat Garrett opposite Val Kilmer's Billy the Kid in the acclaimed Turner Television Network film.   His credits include starring roles in such mini-series as "The Blue and The Gray," "The Last Days of Pompeii," "Goliath Awaits," and "V."   Among his many theatrical feature film credits are "Monster Squad" and the title role in Disney's "Earthstar Voyager."   He has three films awaiting release in 1989, "The Last Samurai," "The Banker," and "Primo Baby." Promotional photo of Zorro and Victoria
Another promotional photo of Zorro and Victoria Regehr is enjoying playing the character of Zorro, he said recently while on location in Spain.   "He's a flamboyant character with charm and a sense of humor.   He hates no one, but he understands wickedness."

When not before the cameras Regehr is a professional painter, working primarily in oils on canvas.


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