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New World Zorro - Inconsistencies/Editing Mistakes

This page is presently under construction and is replacing the previous "Editing Mistakes" page.  Additional inconsistencies will be added.

Quite often the inconsistencies were caused by the low budget of the series or by the fact that several episodes were filmed concurrently.


  1.   "Dead Men Tell No Tales"

  2.   "Deceptive Heart"

  3.   "Water"

  4.   "Double Entendre"

  5.   "The Best Man"

  6.   "The Sure Thing"

  7.   "Zorro's Other Woman"

8-11.  "The Legend Begins"

At 22:23, a car is visible in the distance.  At 1:00:12, the shadow from the boom is visible on the wall of the Alcalde's office.  Between 44:00 and 46:00, Zorro is lying at the bottom of the ravine and his body switches position several times.

12.  "Pride of the Pueblo"

13.  "Honor Thy Father"

14.  "The Magician"

Near the end of the episode, Fucard's entire body is tied up when he is at the top of the stairs.  When he slides down the stairs, his legs are untied.

15.  "A Deal with the Devil"

At the beginning of the episode when Sgt. Mendoza is walking out to greet Colonel Palomarez, a car is visible moving in the distance.

16.  "Whereabouts"

17.  "All That Glitters"

18.  "Child's Play"

19.  "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"

When Diego is comparing the handwriting on the two letters from Padre Benites, the handwriting is different just as he states, but the messages are identical.  When Zorro rides away at the end of the show, Zorro's face can be seen quite clearly, and what is seen is the stunt double's face.

20.  "Ghost Story"

Dressed in a brown suit, Diego goes to Sergeant Mendoza's new hacienda and notices an interesting footprint.  In the next scene Diego, dressed in a blue suit, speaks to Felipe in Zorro's cave about what he just saw.  After Diego hears his father calling him, he quickly emerges from the cave dressed once again in a brown suit.

21.  "The Bounty Hunters"

22.  "The Unhappy Medium"

23.  "An Explosive Situation"

24.  "Family Business"

Piano music is heard while Diego is seated at the piano.  He is supposed to be playing but his hands are not moving.

25.  "Palomarez Returns"

  1.  "The Wizard"

  2.  "Master and Pupil"

  3.  "Kidnapped"

  4.  "The Tease"

  5.  "He Who Lives by the Sword"

  6.  "Freedom of the Press"

  7.  "Sanctuary"

  8.  "The Chase"

  9.  "Broken Heart, Broken Mask"

10.  "The White Sheep of the Family"

11.  "The Challenge"

12.  "Rites of Passage"

13.  "The Falcon"

14.  "It's a Wonderful Zorro"

15.  "The Marked Man"

16.  "Big Brother"

17.  "To Be a Man"

18.  "The Whistling Bandit"

19.  "The Don's Dilemma"

20.  "The Jewelled Sword"

When the acting troupe flees the tavern near the end of the show, Arcadia's hair is pulled back while she is still inside the tavern.  When she is seen coming out of the tavern, her hair is loose.

21.  "The Newcomers"

22.  "The Devil's Fortress" Part 1

23.  "The Devil's Fortress" Part 2

24.  "One For All" Part 1

25.  "One For All" Part 2

  1.  "The New Broom"

  2.  "Rush to Judgement"

  3.  "A New Lease on Love"

  4.  "The Man Who Cried Wolf"

  5.  "Armed and Dangerous"

Dressed in a brown suit, Diego leaves to get the supplies demanded by Victoria's captor.  He is told that he has 55 minutes to return with the supplies.  Dressed in a blue suit, Diego briefly speaks to Felipe in Zorro's cave.  Dressed once again in a brown suit, Diego returns with the demanded supplies.  He must have moved quickly to acquire the supplies and change his clothes twice in 55 minutes!

  6.  "The Buccaneers"

  7.  "A New Beginning"

  8.  "A Woman Scorned"

  9.  "Wicked, Wicked Zorro"

10.  "Alejandro Rides Again"

11.  "The Old Flame"

12.  "Miracle of the Pueblo"

13.  "A Love Remembered"

14.  "Dirty Tricks"

15.  "Mendoza the Malevolent"

16.  "Test of Faith"

17.  "Siege"

18.  "They Call Her Annie"

19.  "Silk Purses and Sow's Ears"

20.  "Turning the Tables"

21.  "One Special Night"

22.  "Balancing the Books"

23.  "Blind Man's Bluff"

24.  "Heir Apparent"

25.  "The Word"

  1.  "The Fox and the Rabbit"

  2.  "Ultimate Justice"

  3.  "Love Potion Number Nine"

  4.  "As Ye Sow"

  5.  "An Affair to Remember"

When the bandits are outside of Zorro's cave wondering where Zorro and Victoria have gone, a shadow which appears to be from the boom is seen twice.  When Toronado runs up to destroy the tracks, a man's arm is seen coming out from behind a rock.

  6.  "The Reward"

  7.  "Like Father, Like Son"

  8.  "Symbol of Hope"

  9.  "My Word Is My Bond"

10.  "The Arrival"

11.  "Death and Taxes"

During the fight scene between Zorro and Resendo, many of the plates are already chipped before they are hit by Resendo's sword.

12.  "Conundrum"

13.  "The Discovery"

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