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All documents on this site are authored by Jennifer White except for the transcribed articles, interviews, and press kit information pages.    In the preceding exceptions, the source is given either at the top or the bottom of the page.    All documents authored by Jennifer White may contain information referenced from other sources.    If so, the source of the information is credited by name, and if the source is a web site, a link to the web site will be provided; additionally, the text of the document has been reworded from what appeared in the original source so that the original source is not plagarized.

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Permission is not granted to copy the text and/or images from this site for use on other sites.   I have worked hard at not copying information from other sites and at making this site unique from the other preexisting sites.   In return, please do not copy information from my site to yours.   Appropriate action will be taken in cases where copying becomes a problem.

With respect to images on this site, I am asking that any still images that I have taken from the episodes not be copied to other sites.    It has taken a great deal of effort to get the images to look halfway decent since I do not have a video capture device.    I have had to use a digital camera and have had to redo some of the photos many times to get them to look okay.    Please do not copy the still images.